Price Increases

September 2023

Dear Customers

We know that price rises are never welcome, especially at the current time, when we are all experiencing the impact of high inflation.

We have been asked by a number of customers why we are implementing price rises now, so we would like to give you an honest and straightforward answer.

The connection to your home or business is the end point of an extensive physical network infrastructure with facilities in London, South Essex and several locations across Colchester. These consume significant amounts of electricity, the costs of which have grown substantially since 2022. Furthermore, the sums we pay to transfer data to and from the Internet (known as IP transit) have also increased. We have little option other than to implement a price rise across all of our services, residential, business and wholesale alike.

We pledged that there would be no price rises until September 2023. This message was carried prominently in our promotional literature. We have actually held our prices with no increases since 2019. Unfortunately, continuing to hold them at the levels of that year, long before the surge in inflation, is no longer realistic.

The majority of utility providers implement annual price increases on the 1st of April each year. In our case, we have delayed this for another six months. We believe our pricing continues to offer excellent value for money and that it compares favourably with other providers offering comparable fibre services. We do not believe in putting unsustainable offers to the market.

We thank you for your understanding and continuing custom.