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Colchester Fibre in Wivenhoe

Recently, we’ve become aware of a number of customers being directly approached by LilaConnect, offering apparently incredible deals (even free!) on comparable broadband. We’d really like to respond to this and are sending this message to all our Wivenhoe customers. 

Firstly, Colchester Fibre will never undertake door-to-door selling. Many residents do not welcome this very intrusive approach and it’s a common cause of complaints to local Councillors. 

Secondly, we would really like to set out some context. LilaConnect is an ISP (internet service provider) focused on the North of England with limited presence in Essex. It sells services over the same physical network as us. This means we’re aware of the underlying costs of providing service to a customer. 

We believe Colchester Fibre’s gigabit offer still represents great value for money. For example, the standard list prices for some of the other providers in Essex are: 

Gigaclear at £79 per month

County Broadband at £54.99 per month 

BT at £59.99 per month 

Virgin Media at £78 per month 

Like you, we’ve seen other providers recently entering the local market offering apparently amazing offers, such as completely free service for a period of months, or prices as low as £25 per month. 

These offers are simply unsustainable. Like any other business, no ISP can offer services long-term while making no profit, or, indeed, selling services at a loss. We think it’s highly likely that customers taking out these services will face significant price hikes once their initial contracts expire. 

For our part, we commit to maintaining the current pricing levels for customers renewing their contracts with us at the end of their first contract term – by fixing your current price for 24 months. These prices are transparent, realistic and sustainable. Our operation and support functions are still local, we provide very rapid hands-on assistance when required, and our profits are returned via the Amphora Group of Companies for reinvestment in local projects. Your fees do not go to wealthy businessmen in other parts of the country. 

We are also happy to move you to a lower-priced 250Mbps or 500Mbps package once your initial contract ends. In most cases, our lower priced services will fully meet all your requirements and provide you with a monthly saving.

If you still wish to move provider, we will of course be happy to provide you with the appropriate severance fee if you end your contract ahead of term. If your initial contract is up, there is of course no fee to move to another provider. 

We hope that you will make a decision on your provider in full possession of all the information enabling you to make an informed choice. 

We thank you for your continuing custom.

Colchester Fibre Team